Our Registered Plants

Here are just some of the Sixty Nine plants that we have registered.    For a full list of our registered plants, download  Full Beilstein Hosta Registry Listing PDF .


H. Bailey’s Cream (2009)
This plant is a Sea Prize “mom” dabbed with some of “dad’s” pollen from ‘Blue Angel’. A good growing plant that has the ‘Sea Prize’ mound shape. Named after our first Weimaraner, a gorgeous and faithful man’s best friend. We miss you Bailey.
H. Bette Comfry (2007)
A fast growing large hosta with prominent veins and a shinny leaf. The clump goes to almost 9 feet. Named in honor of Bette Comfry who greatly assisted Doug in his early hybridizing efforts and hosta collection. Bette C. owned and operated till it closed, Silvermist, a hosta nursery in Pa.

H. Brutus (2007)
A spectacular seedling of H. Sea Drift x H. venusta. Tall, strong, highly ruffled dark green leaf with knock dead gorgeous medium purple flowers. Make room in your garden for this one.

H. Cup of Grace (2009)
A dynamic connection between Halcyon and some pollen from one of my earlier creations – one that wasn’t good enough to make the grade we have since refer to it as “Spoons” ( a Breeders Choice / OP seedling ).Dark green deeply cupped rugose leaves arch toward the heavens. Mardy instantly came up with its’ name H. ‘Cup of Grace’. A good grower that is not bothered by insects/slugs. Available at Green Hill Farm.

H. Dream Boat (2009)
This nigrescens Open-pollinated seedling just continued to develop. At first it was only a few leaves that were hollowed out, maybe a canoe or kayak, with a nice and glaucus underside to the leaf! With time it definitely developed into a boat shape, my ‘Dream Boat’ !!!!!!This plant loves water and will tolerate some afternoon sun. Available at Green Hill Farm.
H. Granny’s Rouge (2007)
Doug’s best ‘red’ to date. A cross of H. Sweet Susan x H. Hairo Majesty. Seedlings usually carry the ‘red’ with it to varying degrees.
H. King of Spades (2007)
A very exciting hosta. Note the leaf flat on the outside and puckered in the center consistently. Beautiful medium purple flowers on low scapes that accent the hosta. A dark green hybrid cross of H. Neat Splash x H. Blue Moon. A keeper.
Available at Green Hill Farm.

H. Lady Amy (2009)
An open pollinated seedling of Color Fantasy that has a slightly green cast to it with a cream border. Majestic and flowing, quiet but present, a good growing plant named for our oldest daughter Amy.

H. Live Wire (2009)

Atom Smasher gave me an open pollinated seedling whose leaves were really bunched up and going a lot of directions. The older this plant grows the longer the leaves grow!

H Megan’s Angel (2009)
Our youngest daughter found a streaked ‘Blue Angel’ at her place of work Millcreek Gardens, in Ostrander Ohio, and gave it to me to grow. Several years later I separated out the margined plant and could find no other better name than Megan’s Angel !!! Grows very well and has a very nice golden bolder. Nice find Megs!
H. On the Border (2007)
A hybrid of H. Neat Splash x H. Blue Wedgwood that last and last and last. This plant looks good in mid October. The light purple flowers contrast the white border very well. People always point to this plant in the garden.
Available at Green Hill Farm.
H. Singin the Blues (2007)
An open-pollinated seedling from H. Trails End. Beautiful ruffled edges with generous puckering. A blue with a wonderful deep glaucous look. The substance in this plant makes it very stout. This hosta took first place in the Blue Division at First Look 2003. Available at Green Hill Farm.
1st & 10 B 195-7-1- LEAF NM 1st & 10 B 195-7-1- podss 1st & 10 B 195-7-1- Z 1st & 10 B 195-7-1- BEV 3 MOM FL ,MN H. 1st & 10


Almost Heaven M 124-3-1- leaf . Almost Heaven M 124-3-1 leaf .. Almost Heaven M 124-3-1 GG Almost Heaven M 124-3-1 A H. Almost Heaven
Baby Booties swoosh capatata f2 99 under leaf Baby Booties S 345-99-1- FL BUDS Baby Booties S 345-9-1 POD COLOR H. Baby Booties
Banana Split pod Banana Split plt Banana Split N 75-1-1-- LEAF H. Banana Split
BLUETOOTH FL 8-3-11 Bluetooth J 7-1-1-- Bluetooth J 7-1-1 a Bluetooth J 7-1-1- leaf H. Bluetooth
Broad Street pods Broad Street D 33-7-1 GG Broad Street D 33-7-1 leaf Broad Street D 33-7-1 leaf 2 BROAD STREET.,..jpg H. Broad Street
Checkered Cab S 24-99-1- - -LEAF Checkered Cab S 24-99-1 fl Checkered Cab S 24-99-1 --sea prize - op H. Checkered Cab
Chorus Girl G 157-7-1 SCAPE. Chorus Girl G 157-7-1- LEAF .. Chorus Girl G 157-7-1- c (2) Chorus Girl G 157-7-1- FLOWER H. Chorus Girl
Dandy Lion YELLOW A, QZN 2009, 2755 Dandy Lion G 134-4-1 A Dandy Lion G 134-4-1 B (2) Dandy Lion PODS H. Dandy Lion
Envy DSC_0989 H. Envy
Fruit Cup flower Fruit Cup M 194-6-1-G - 3 Fruit Cup M 194-6-1-G - 2 (3) Fruit Cup M 194-6-1 VB H. Fruit Cup
Glass Slipper Glass Slipper 6 Glass Slipper 3 H. Glass Slipper
Instant gratification S 94-99-1 LEAF. Instant Gratification S 94-99-1- mm Instant Gratification S 94-99-1 fl head Instant Gratification S 94-99-1 FL COLOR Instant Gratification S 94-99-1- BN H. Instant Gratification
Jetstream Y 4-00-1 a Jetstream Y 4-00-1 JET STREAM Jetstream Y 4-00-1 c Jetstream Y 4-00-1 LEAF Jetstream Y 4-00-1- VB H. Jetstream
Leapin Lizard nnnnn Leapin Lizard fl 4 Leapin Lizard ttttt H. Leapin Lizard
Lightning Flash C 99-8-2 .- Lightning Flash C 99-8-2- 1 Lightning Flash C 99-8-2- BREEDER 2013 Lightning Flash C 99-8-2-- B H. Lightning Flash
Mop Top plt Mop Top leaf MOP TOP FLOWER H. Mop Top
 Ovalwood I 1-97-2 leaf Ovalwood I 1-97-2 z Ovalwood I 1-97-2 leaf back H. Ovalwood
 Pearly Gates S 98-00-1 leaf Pearly Gates S 98-00-1 FLOWER D Pearly Gates S 98-00-1 CLUMP D Pearly Gates S 98-00-1 under leaf H. Pearly Gates
Pebble Creek L 75-1-1---LEAF Pebble Creek L 75-1-1 4 Pebble CreekL 75-1-1 --- Pebble Creek L 75-1-1 === Pebble Creek L 75-1-1 -- Pebble Creek L 75-1-1 L- H. Pebble Creek
Petticoat Junction N 127-8-2- LEAF BN Petticoat Junction N 127-8-2- WAS Petticoat Junction N 127-8-2- 1 Petticoat Junction N 127-8-2 z H. Petticoat Junction
Quite Pleasing leaf Quite Pleasing flower Quite Pleasing plt Quite Pleasing , Quite Pleasing pod H. Quite Pleasing
Razzmatazz C 95-99-1- 6 Razzmatazz C 95-99-1 BN Razzmatazz C 95-99-1- 4 Razzmatazz C 95-99-1--mm H. Razzmatazz
Rough Knight K 20-9-2-- 4 (3) Rough Knight K 20-9-2-- 3 Rough Knight K 20-9-2- z Rough Knight K 20-9-2 A Rough Knight K 20-9-2- flower Rough Knight K 20-9-2-- 2 H. Rough Knight
Sand Storm DSC_0129 Sand Storm DSC_0131 Sand Storm DSC_0003 Sand Storm DSC_0012 Sand Storm A 56-6-2- FF Sand Storm DSC_0126 Sand Storm A 56-6-2-- pods H. Sand Storm
Smokey Mountains K 12-7-2 c Smokey Mountains K 12-7-2 under leaf Smokey Mountains K 12-7-2 BN Smokey Mountains K 12-7-2 FL COL H. Smokey Mountains
Star Power K 10-99-1 LEAF Star Power K 10-99-1 KL Star Power K 10-99-1 KIi Star Power K 10-99-1 K. Star Power K 10-99-1 L H. Star Power
Transformer P 14-00-1 --) Transformer P 14-00-1 --== Transformer P 14-00-1 (1) Transformer P 14-00-1 -- -- Transformer P 14-00-1 (3) transformer vvvvv H. Transformer
Urchin C 236-10-1-- 5 Urchin C 236-10-1-- 2 Urchin H. Urchin
Winter Frost N 119-8-8- NM Winter Frost N 119-8-8 leaf.. Winter Frost N 119-8-8- BN Winter Frost N 119-8-8-.,. Winter Frost N 119-8-8- 4 H. Winter Frost
World Cup W 36 (2) World Cup W 36- FS 2014 World Cup W 36 zzz H. World Cup