HostaWorks Numbering System

Here is how to interpret our numbering system…

For our record-keeping, we have given all plants a number, for example:     A  16 – 6 – 2

A = the first letter of the mother plant  (A =  Atom Smasher or akarana,  etc.)

16 =  this is a number I have assigned to this plant  (first number of the three)

6 =  the year that the seed was grown  (thus seed collected 05 and grown 06 = 6)

2 = this is the second sibling in the cross (could go to 20 or more first sibling = 1)

For example:
B 21-6-1     Beatrice / Tenyru // Op06-1  ///

“B”    is the first letter of the seedling’s name

21    is the number given to the plant

6    is the year that the seed was grown

1    means this was the first sibling in the cross


We have also listed the names of the seedling parents after the number.


In the named section, a single dash (/) represents a cross (for a seedling).

The pollen parent of the 2nd generation seedling is listed after multiple dashes(//).

Beatrice / Tenyru // Op06-1  ///

In this example, a Beatrice-Tenyru seedling was open pollinated and this seedling is then Open pollinated

and this seed is offered

Any plants given with only three digits (no dashes) following the number are named cultivars (rather than seedlings).
The name of the cultivar is given after the number.