2017 Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award

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November 2017 Note from Doug…………..

Fellow Hybridizers and Hosta Enthusiasts:


A most interesting season and a very challenging fall!  I want to thank Jeff Moore for expanding my work with tets this year.

Previously I was exclusively tet to tet unless I was trying to prove compatibility with tets (successful breeding) equaled testing that proved tets.  Jeff said it was the result not the pedigree!

So this year we have really expanded our seed selections and still maintain our ridiculously low {:^) per pac price!!!

This year you will find almost 100 tet or partial tet offerings including several that are from streaked moms.  Just a word of caution some pacs  (they are identified) has less than the normal 25-30 + seeds per pac.  Also even though they are plump seeds some do not germinate, beware ………..   Also try to avoid taking more than one of each of the tetraploid so all have a chance at them    {: ^ )

No chipmunks (I didn’t do anything to them ?)   This year so the seed harvest was good and we have an additional 100 streaked offerings for you. Included in that are some outstanding red plant seeds and a few solids to balance it all.

I am now into the red leaf challenge full bore. Approximately 80 % of my hybridizing program went that way and I have about 1500 crosses to plant this fall. I can’t wait for this winter’s seedlings to start to germinate. Actually, I would like to hear from any of you with plants to exchange in the red project.

I have the easy part in this seed thing. Much thanks goes to our son-in-law’s Kevin and Andy, their beautiful wives, our daughters, Megan and Amy, but the chief cook and bottle washer around here is Mardy my bride keeping all things running smoothly.

Want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

Good luck in your seedling selections and growing this fall.

Later  Doug


All 2017 seeds SOLD OUT.  We will be back at it with more seeds in October 2018!

Thank you all for a great seed sale.  Let us know how your seedlings are going.

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