2013 Seed Stock Sales Completed


Hi Folks

Hope you are all having a great summer. We are finished selling our 2013 seed stock so we look forward to the 2014 releases.  The inventory will be updated and and look forward to an initial starting date near the first week of November, 2014.   A notification will go out to our past customers, members of the Hostapix group, and in response to the private e-mails of those that have inquired.

 -later Doug

Behind the Scenes

Every once in a while a hybridizer discovers a great mother plant. Such is the case with U 2-55-1-. While I have my suspicions, which I cannot confirm, the origin (parentage) of this plant is unknown to me (U = unknown). A very fertile breeder, after that first year, 2007, her seedlings started to show various pollen parent characteristics. I have used it every year since and have over 100 different successful crosses. Pictured below are mom and her leaf. Thus you see several seed offerings with U 2-55-1 in the parentage. Also pictured below are 3 examples of seedlings (all from that 2007 year) from a single cross with Blue Hawaii as the pollen parent (U 31-7-1- , U 31-7-2- , U 31-7-8-) . Size, color and rugosity are presented differently in each these siblings. Thus I have offered different sibling seeds of the same cross. Enjoy the pics and have fun with your selections!!!!!

U 2-55-1  LEAF2 (2)

U 2-55-1 LEAF2 (2)

U 2-55-1 .,.,

U 2-55-1

U 31-7-2

U 31-7-2   (U2-55-1-Blue Hawaii)

U 31-7-8-  FS  2013

U 31-7-8-  (U2-55-1-Blue Hawaii)

U 31-7-1-  BREEDER 2013-

U 31-7-1-  (U2-55-1-Blue Hawaii)

All 2013 seed sales completed. New inventory and sales start early November 2014. See you soon.