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November 2015 Note from Doug…………..

Fellow Hybridizers and Hosta Enthusiasts:

But a few words about this year’s possibilities.

Everybody knows Brutus, my introduction a few years back.   About seven years ago I bred H. Brutus ( as the mom ) to every big plant I had.     Several really great plants have sprung forth like H. “1st & Ten”, coming out in 2016 via Bob Solberg.   Several other seedlings are soon to be registered.   Now go to a special solid color seed selection, seed offering ( Brutus Big 4- / macrophylla or Abiqua Recluse or Empress Wu or Niagara Falls ) and observe the pics of a mixture of the 4 different seedlings seeds.   These seeds are the result of those crosses and are very large plants with characteristics of each parent ( look at the pics ).   Using those H. Brutus seedlings pollen against several streaked plants, I ended up with some super plants.   WOW!!     Those seedlings ( most are pretty big !! ), all OP, are where many of the seeds that we are offering this year ( they are identified in red ) originate!     Go H. Brutus Go………..

Finally my breeding program has taken a turn.   With the turmoil and shakeup in the hosta TC industry the last few years one thing to me is certain, we are going to have less plants go into TC ( and come out ). This means we will have less sports thus we will have less tetraploids offered on the market. Previously, all tetraploids have come from the lab ( chemical treatments ) with the exception of the ventricosa group ( I’m not going there {:^) ).     I’m creating tetraploids the old fashion way by breeding.   It is exciting work.   The only scientific evaluation and classification of Tets has been completed by Dr. Ben Zonnefeld, if you accept his work.    My results could help validate his work.   I’m 2 years deep into cross breeding many of his identified tetraploids.   The F2’s should start next year in good numbers. This year I did get seeds that are from fully tetraploid crosses crossed with fully tetraploid crosses ( 4-4-4 / 4-4-4 crossed with 4-4-4 / 4-4-4- ) .  These seeds will be planted this fall.     This year we offer full Tets and partial Tets and unknowns ( suspected Tets ) in our seed selections.   I encourage you to join me to grow some and we can exchange some seedlings!  Go for it!!!!!!!

One additional note.   The website section that shows our registrations has been updated with pics of all of our plants.   Have fun checking them out………..

I must thank Amy & Megan, our two girls ( actually moms themselves ) and their husbands, Andy and Kevin, for their energy and help in the website, seed sale and order delivery.   Mardy, our supervisor,   is the glue that keeps us all humming.



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